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Monday, June 06, 2011

What Do Jenny McCarthy and Sarah Palin Have in Common?

Both women are pleasing to look at- so they have in common.

Both women likely have a sizable bank account- so they both share that similarity.

It's when both open their mouths and speak is where the commonality ends.

Jenny McCarthy is an intelligent woman- with a keen sense of humor.

Sarah Palin opens her mouth and she is just ... laughable.

Palin's LATEST gaffe comes with her revisionist view of American history- regarding the Ride of Paul Revere.

You can read all about it here- a link to the ASSOCIATED PRESS story via commercial-free MyWay news.

What is totally unlaughable about Sarah Palin- frightening to me actually- is that she would even consider running for such a high office as President of The United States.

I'm all for a woman president- have been for a long- long time.

Jenny McCarthy could and would certainly get my vote.

Palin would get my vote as well ... for her opponent.


Xavier Onassis said...

Jenny McCarthy is as misinformed about the safety of vaccinations as Sarah Palin is about American history.

True, Jenny does have an easily accessible filmography of no-holes-barred adult movies that make her somewhat more palatable than Palin.

But intellectually, they are not that different.

Groucho K. Marx said...


I'm aware of JMcC's stand against vaccinations due to her autistic son- and those issues- for the most part- remain somewhat unknowns.

But SP and American history?

That stuff is- well- HISTORY! lol

Now I know ppl need to realize the GOOD vaccinations produce- control of some pretty vile shit- and that ppl can re-write (omit) stuff about our history.

I'm just AWFUL tired of Ms. "Hopey- Changey" and wish she'd just retire deep in the state she resigned as governor from.

Okay how about this- imagine (if you dare) a Courtney Cox/Anothony Weiner ticket?

I can see the COX-WEINER signs now.... g

The Observer said...

I am glad that someone mentioned Ms. McCarthy's robot like opposition to vaccines. Every time I hear of a cluster of measles or whooping cough...well, thanks Ms. McCarthy and Dr. Wakefield!

As to Sarah Palin, I don't think that she is so stupid, but she seems uncoachable and unteachable, and that is not a good thing either. It's difficult to tell her true intelligence level at this point due to all the side show around her.

For those who were politically aware in 1979, a question: are the parallels some are drawing between Ms. Palin and Ronald Reagan valid? Was Reagan regarded as an intellectual lightweight in 1979 like Palin is now? Just wondering.

The Observer

Xavier Onassis said...

Yes, Reagan was viewed as an intellectual lightweight. Because, well, he was! What differentiates Reagan from Palin is Reagan was an ACTOR! Put a script in front of him, give him a little stage direction, prop him up in front of a patriotic backdrop and he could give a convincing performance. It's what he was trained to do.

Palin...not so much.

Groucho K. Marx said...

American aparthy and the dumbing-down of our population is WELL under way you see...