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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Less Than 5000 St. Joseph Voters Raise Taxes for City of Nearly 77000

On the 2nd attempt in 7 months- St. Joseph politicians managed to get the votes for a motel-hotel tax increase to help finance a new city "events center" as well as Missouri riverfront improvements- states the story in the ST. JOSEPH (MO) NEWS-PRESS.

The tax increase- from 3-percent to 6-percent was approved by a 17-percent margin of votes.

The tax has "a 20-year sunset clause" which means the increased tax would revert to the original 3-percent if the higher tax was not re-approved by St. Joe voters.

Your Captain wonders how many of the other 89-percent of non-voting registered voters will grouse about the increased tax....


Anonymous said...

Well can at least say the voters have nobody to whine at but themselves.

Anonymous said...

And since it is a lodging tax, the reality is that the majority of those 77,000 will not be paying the tax.