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Friday, June 10, 2011

CSW WEATHER: NWS-SPC "Watch Possible" in Vicinity of Metro K.C.

The Storm Prediction Center recently issued what is called a "Mesoscale Discussion (MCD)" which is basically a heads-up if possible severe weather is brewing somewhere.

The particular "MCD" No. 1172 issued in the past half-hour concerns Metro and MetroRegion K.C. in general and states that developing thunderstorms may cause a severe storm watch to be issued.

You can see by the accompanying NWS Doppler radar image why this may be so- small but strong storms have developed near Topeka into Jefferson county KS..

This trend should continue area-wide- and please be alert to any possible storm watch- or storm warnings issued for the area where you live- as I catch a nap before my midnight news shift.

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