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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two Shot- 1 Dies- Other Mayhem Near North Downtown KC-MO Nightclub

Around the same time of the triple shooting on Kansas City's East Side- KC-MO Police were dealing with other issues around a controversial nightclub on the north side of Downtown..

Just before 3 a.m.- somebody ran into 2 KC-MO police cars and struck a security guard from the club.

The guard suffered a minor leg injury and was taken to a hospital.

Two people were also hit by gunfire blocks from the club- in the area of 8th Street and Charlotte.

At least one of them was in critical condition and later died at a hospital.

The victims were dropped off at hospitals by others- not ambulances.

Police were investigating the latest weekend mayhem that occurs on a weekly basis at the former NV or NRG or whatever the nighclub is called now ("Xpressions").


Anonymous said...

Well city needs to step in and call the club; Out Of Business

Since club owners can't or won't handle the issues then someone else needs to. This every weekend stupidity needs to stop.

And people wonder why I don't like to go downtown.

z28chevyl48 said...

You'd think the night club owner would take a little more interest in the activity that goes on around the club. Afterall a shooting gallery isn't going to attract many customers

Groucho K. Marx said...

He's probably just worried what goes on IN his club.

Watch for a watch for STJ in the next few hours too z28! ;)