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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soon- KMBZ's Right-Wingnuts Can Be Heard on Kansas City FM

Corporate radio broadcasting companies do so little to serve the local populace that I'm surprised many of them manage to keep the licenses of the stations they own.

With shockingly few exceptions- try getting local breaking news or weather late nights or weekends on ANY local AM or FM.

Enter Entercom- who has announced the "soft rock" we knew and sometimes loved on KUDL-FM will be taken over as KMBZ-FM where all the wingnut talkers will be simulcast on 98.1mhz.

I guess Entercom figures that the AM side doesn't pollute Kansas City airwaves enough- now we have to endure the SAME schlock on the FM side in the place of relaxing music.

Oh BTW- this from a friend who actually listens to 'BZ- he says the new morning wingnut who took Beck's place "sucks- doesn't know what he's talking about."

I wouldn't know- the ONLY talker anywhere I listen to is Rick Barber on KOA-850AM in Denver- so I can gladly surrender the 98.1 spot on my FM tuner to another radio station now.

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