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Sunday, March 20, 2011

CSW Weather: Severe Storm Chances in Central States- Metro and MetroRegion K.C. Next Few Days

With some severe storms already occurring over parts od southwestern Iowa early Sunday morning- more severe storms are forecast into Tuesday over parts of the American Central States.

Today's severe storm chances are for parts of Iowa and Missouri (see-click-on images).

On Monday- the severe weather threat included some of today's threat areas- and also shifts west into Kansas and Nebraska.

On Tuesday- the severe weather threat covers a wider area that includes both Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City- as well as points south into Oklahoma and parts of Texas.

A major severe weather outbreak is not expected- but the threats bear watching over the next several days.

Flooding is likely to be an issue as well- especially in areas already experiencing same.

Please check here at CSW for the latest threats of severe thunderstorms and any possible weather watches

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