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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Children Overcome By Carbon Monoxide at South-Central KC-MO School

This incident is at the "Brookside Frontier Math and Science School" in the 5600 block of Troost.

Just after 1 p.m.- KC-MO Fire and EMS got the call of a carbon monoxide (CO) issue at the school and- as of this post- at least 14 children are reportedly suffering symptoms from the deadly gas and are to be transported to hospitals.

None of the CO poisoning victims are said to be life-threatening.

As of 1:57 p.m.- ten youths- mostly teenagers- have been or are being transported to 3 KC-MO hospitals: Children's Mercy- St. Luke's-Plaza and Research.

Oddly- a KC-MO FD official said their CO readings in the school's furnace area were "zero" and there were no other reports of high CO readings in any other area of the school- in the former Country Club Dairy building.

The investigation of the sicknesses continue- and KC-MO FD Haz-Mat has been on-scene for some time now- along with at least 4 other fire companies and EMS units.

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