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Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Motorcyclists Killed This Weekend- One Identified- One Ignored (So Far)

unday morning- your on-the news-ball Captain reported two fatal motorcycle crashes- among other news stories that may- or may not- have been covered in print or on TV.

One crash Sunday morning in Overland Park on U.S. 69 at 151st Street killed "22-year-old Darren K. Wynn of Shawnee" I'm told by the Overland Park Police department this morning.

CSW offers our condolences to family and friends of Mr. Wynn.

However- there's no news at all about the motorcyclist killed critically-injured after striking the deer in Douglas county KS..

I was reading another local blogger who was complaining about lack of local news coverage of a double-fatality wreck in Louisiana that killed a Metro couple- what that blooger termed "a major story."

Where are the complaints of lack of complete local news coverage of local news?

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