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Monday, October 18, 2010

Are Americans Blind or Just Stupid?

hile doing my reads of local-area and regional newspapers- I came across a poll in the ST. JOSEPH NEWS-PRESS on whether welfare recipients should be allowed to buy ... are you ready? ... SODA POP.

Not only did some of the commenters rail against those on welfare being able to buy soda pop- but some of the same commenters said that welfare recipients should BE DRUG-TESTED.

Or really? How about drug-testing our elected officials too?

There are NO provisions locally- regionally or nationally for drug or even alcohol testing politicians.

That highly-touted Republicrat you want to elect could be a cocaine addict for all you or I know.

That Demoblican you might want to keep in office could be an alcoholic- but we'd never know because NONE OF THEM get tested FOR ANYTHING!

So those of you who want welfare recipients drug-tested let's start AT THE TOP first- with the people who MAKE LAWS and SET POLICY.

Realize that everybody you elect- from dog catcher to president- don't have to be drug OR alcohol tested before they take office.

To me that concept is FAR SCARIER than a welfare mom toking on a joint....


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