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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kansas City MO Faces Legal Challenge For Downtown Trolley Plan

As commented on yesterday here at CSW- in our city where everything's NOT 'up-to-date-' city politicians want to spend $100-million on a trolley system that serves only Downtown Kansas City MO..

To help pay for this folly-trolley system- city pollys want to foist yet another tax increase on Downtown residents- business and property owners.

One such Downtown property owner- mega-Bank of America- only likes obscene profits and not taxes as the BoA attorneys seek a legal way to stop the proposed taxation- according to this story in the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL.

As much as I don't care for the BoA- I like the silly idea of trolleys on narrow Downtown streets even less.

There are more pressing needs around Kansas City- crime- possible loss of firefighters- bad streets- bad bridges- bad or no sidewalks- breaking water mains- eyesore abandoned properties- a REAL public transit system- etc- etc...

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