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Thursday, November 10, 2011

TransCanada To Nebraska: Siting Legislation "Fundamentally Unfair"

When I read in the BEATRICE (NE) DAILY SUN what TransCanada's vice president for pipelines Robert Jones said- I HAD to chuckle.

TransCanada's Mr. Jones is upset over the legislative wrangling going on in the statehouse in Lincoln about re-locating that controversial TransCanada pipeline that would take Alberta's sand-oil crude to American Gulf Coast refineries.

The anti-pipeline Nebraskans don't want the pipeline running over the Ogallala aquifer.

The pro-pipeline people say Nebraska- and other states the pipeline would pass through- needs the jobs as well as America needing the oil.

I'll tackle that last first- "America needing the oil."

Absolutely no where I have searched are ANY assurances that the oil travelling down the pipeline to Texas would stay in America.

Quite the contrary: You can bet your home/farm that the oil will go to the highest bidder (China?).

Now- "the jobs."

Also I have read no where ANY assurances that the pipeline jobs would go specifically to residents of the state the line traverses.

In fact- no guarantees the jobs would even go to American citizens (contrary to what some labor unions say).

What IS "fundamentally unfair" is TransCanada coming to the United Corporate States and threatening landowners with imminent domain even though the pipeline HAS NOT been approved by the American government.

Quite the contrary- today the Obama Administration has put off ANY decision on the pipeline until probably after the 2012 elections.

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