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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State College Students Riot Over Child Abuse Charges

Somebody- PLEASE- clue me in on just HOW college students- these from Penn State- can riot because their fired football coach was part of a child abuse scandal?

I can see MAYBE rioting over the economy- loss of American rights- rising tuitions or something like that- but I cannot see how I assume to be otherwise sane Human Beings can defend somebody involved in a child abuse coverup.

The riot cost a television station their live van- as if station WTAJ had ANYTHING to do with Joe Paterno's charges or even his firing!

I hope those who precipitated this riot and destruction never hold ANY position of authority or responsibility....


The Observer said...

You read my mind-- or my Facebook page! I feel sorry for WTAJ--I doubt they are swimming in money to replace their van. Hopefully most of the equipment inside was not harmed. Anything outside and the vehicle is a loss.

I fail to understand what rioting achieves; it seems much of the time the situation remains unchanged but now there's brokenness everywhere, and things that will need to be fixed, replaced, or often, lost forever.

Groucho K. Marx said...

The university needs to look at ALL available videos and still images of this "riot" and expell any students who were involved in any illegal acts.

Oddly- Nebraska was Penn State's next (last) game coming up- and I read where one NU official said fans attending the game "don't have to wear red."


Both sides have provided for increased security at the game too.