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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Saturday Night 5.6-Magnitude Earthquake Strongest in Oklahoma History

I was first made aware there was an earthquake somewhere nearby by broadcasts over the public service radios starting at 11:06 p.m. Saturday night.

Thirteen minutes earlier- an earthquake had erupted in central Oklahoma- 44 miles east-northeast of the state capital- Oklahoma City.

Originally measured by USGS seismologists as a 5.2-magnitude- the quake's intensity was upgraded about 20 minutes later to a 5.6-magnitude.

This makes Saturday night's quake the most powerful in Oklahoma state history.

The previous record was 5.5-magnitude near El Reno on April 9- 1952.

Early Sunday morning November 6th- there are reports of damage in Oklahoma- THE OKLAHOMAN says "across (Lincoln County)" where the quake was epicentered.

In Lincoln county- parts of U.S. 62 highway had buckled and a chimney had been knocked off a house.

There is likely other damage not yet detected in the darkness.

There are also no reports of injuries as of 12:15 a.m. from the Oklahoma City or Tulsa news media.

Shown here is a USGS "Community Internet Intensity" map-" updated after midnight Sunday morning and showing the citizens responses to shaking felt in their area.

A maximum shake number reported was "VII-" or "very strong" according to the shake chart- with "moderate" damage possible.

This quake was felt as far away as the Dallas-Fort Worth MetroPlex as well as Metro Kansas City- with at least one report east of St. Louis in Illinois.

Early Saturday morning- CSW also reported a 4.7-magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma with an epicenter close to Saturday night's record quake.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if this is realted to oil exploration or work related to oil field operations?

Groucho K. Marx said...

Doubt it could be proven conclusively- who knows?

Hey- thanx for the remote reports SD.

Anonymous said...

I am cranking up the nuts are coming out of the woodwork who claim to have felt this.

One apartment building on the plaza swayed twice to things falling off the sheleves in Olathe.