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Monday, November 07, 2011

CSW Weather: NWS- "Excessive" Rainfalls Likely in Metro- MetroRegion Kansas City

Rain has begun over most of Metro Kansas City as well as the southern 1/2 of the MetroRegion- and this trend will continue off and on until at least midday Wednesday.

In addition- the NWS' Hydro Prediction Center (HPC) has Metro- as well as a large part of the northern & northeastern MetroRegion outlooked for possible excessive rainfall for about the next 24 hours.

Storm totals from this prolonged event- which should be known as our drought-buster- could well exceed 2-inches with more than 3-inches quite possible in some areas.

There is also a "slight" risk of possible severe thunderstorms over about the southern half of the Kansas City MetroRegion through Tuesday night..

Any flooding issues will be noted here at CSW as they occur....


Superdave said...

Huge downpour taking place right now.

Small light show and noise as well.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Check on the fireworks last night.

Around 2 inches here as of 4pm Tues. afternoon- maybe another 1/2-inch tonight.