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Monday, November 07, 2011

Absentee Owner Wants To Remove Stadium's Legacy Name

You can tell when Ewing Kauffman's control of the Kansas City Royals changed hands just by looking at the team's standings any of the past 12 years or so.

You'll probably be as old as Moses would be today until the Royal ever win another world championship- let alone get into baseball's playoffs.

News partner KSHB-41 Action News announced today that the Glass family has reportedly sold the naming rights to Kauffman Stadium.

Yeah- the Glass family sure needs that extra $3-6-million- for what we dunno.

My guess for the new stadium name is WalMart Stadium- where you'll find the lowest player saleries as well as the lowest standings of any American League team.

Then again- the change could be to "China Stadium-" where you'll find the most defective team (and owner) in all of baseball.

Regardless to what they THINK they're renaming the stadium- it'll ALWAYS be Kauffman or Royals to me.

UPDATE: According to a story that appeared in The KANSAS CITY STAR within the hour- spokespeople with the K.C. Royals organization DENY there's any immediate re-naming of Kauffman Stadium.

I guess they didn't want their fans to suffer both a next-to-last-place finish and a taking away of the only name synonymous with winning major league baseball in Kansas City.

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Anonymous said...

They will deny it changing names right up to the minute they tell you the new name.