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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

With Proposal To Demolish Kemper Arena It's Official- KC-MO Is Governed By Idiots

Before the really unnecessary Sprint Center arena was built- I didn't like the plans...

It actually had FEWER seats than the arena it was replacing- Kemper- which I thought was a perfectly good venue (big deal- it wasn't DOWNTOWN!).

Never mind that less than 10 years earlier- the City of KC-MO spent millions to upgrade the Kemper- only to leave it sit unused and languish after the Sprint was opened.

Now- according to this story in the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL- the city leaders(?) have a asinine proposal to tear down Kemper- yes- that building we still owe more than $10-million on for the 1990's "upgrades-" and build yet ANOTHER white elephant/taxpayer-dollars-hole there.

Let's see- there that $10+-million still owed on Kemper- another $10-mil to knock it down- then ANOTHER $50-million or so to put up another tax-dollar drain.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But what about the drugs they start doing once they get in office?

I was wondering when you would get onboard with not supporting this action. Everyday makes me more than happy to not live in KC-MO.

So we end up with an empty lot and have a 20 million dollar debt yup thats makes good business sense.

I knew when they built the Sprint Center this day was coming real quick most was just stupid to not think it wouldn't happen.