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Monday, October 24, 2011

American Insurance Company Fails Joplin MO Tornado Survivor

Mark Lindquist of Joplin MO was willing to give his own life for the three developmentally-challenged adults he was in charge of at the group home where Lindquist worked on May 22- 2011.

In fact- Lindquist nearly DID lose his life- he layed down on a mattress atop the 3 adults when the massive EF-5 tornado struck and was found afterwards buried in rubble nearby.

The 3 adults Lindquist was trying to save died in the tornado.

Nearly dying from his severe injuries- Mark Lindquist made what can only be called a miraculous recovery since that fateful May day.

Now- Lindquist faces financial ruin for the company that carried the worker compensation insurance for the group home where Lindquist was working when the tornado struck refuses to pay.

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America is that company- located at 200 N. Grand Ave.-  PO Box 40790- Lansing, MI 48901-7990.

I called the telephone number and tried to reach the insurance company's news media liason without success- but I did leave a message for a return call to discuss Mr. Lindquist's claim refusal.

Please call the above number and tell the Accident Fund Insurance Company of America just what YOU think of their decision to not cover Mark Lindquist.

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