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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CSW Commerntary: American Government Loves Protests Elsewhere- But Not Here!

Don't you love the irony?

The American government is/was sooooo upbeat when citizens elsewhere protest the actions of their government- while here in America- military-armed police forces are clearing out protesters who are not happy about the goings-on here in good old United Corporate States of America.

Trouble is- this is nothing new.

I remember like yesterday the Vietnam War protest days- how the so-called 'Establishment' railed against it's young people's protest of a war that was only later to be confirmed to be a lie.

I too well remember Herr Daley's actions in Chicago in 1968 and the Kent State Murders (yes- they WERE government/military-cleared murders!) of 1970 when it came to The People taking it to the streets.

You can't have it both ways people- EITHER this IS America where the people have a RIGHT- no A DUTY to speak out against the wrongs of the ruling/corporate class- or it's some sort of socialist society where speaking out against such things are forbidden.

Your Captain totally supports the (non-violent) "Occupy" movement- and I frankly wondered why it took THIS long for we- The People- to take it to the streets and protest just how F-Ued our American government REALLY is!

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