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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sobriety- Other Illegal Acts Checkpoints This Weekend in KC-MO and Mission KS

Going out to drink this weekend?  You'd better get a designated driver...

The KC-MO and Mission KS police departments have announced sobriety- and examination of other possible crimes- checkpoints in those 2 Metro cities this weekend- October 28-30th.

The exact locations were NOT publicized- but your fellow citizens regularily report the DUI checkpoint locations on Twitter by subscribing to @kccheckpoint .

Be safe- be considerate of your fellow citizens- and ask for a search warrant before letting police search your vehicle! 


Anonymous said...

The Gestapo is alive and doing well.

Anonymous said...

To bad we couldn't get a caravan of about 12,000 cars to all line up and go through one.

Create the traffic jam from hell.

Or sneak down the street and put up detour signs.

I dislike drunk driving but I hate the tactics such as checkpoints to try and find them. I really for one don't think the so called DUI checkpoints are such. More like a we wanna a reason to check your ass out and snoop.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Can you just hear the screams if the DUI checkpoints were waiting outside of Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night?