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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Central States News: Missouri Food Plant Gives In to Muslim Workers' Religious Demands

The SPRINGFIELD (MO) NEWS-LEADER has a story today about a food plant in Noel MO who made some sort of arrangement with some of it's workers regarding prayer time during work hours.

The Tyson plant saw 130 employees- Muslims and many of those Somalis- walk off the job last Friday because the plant didn't give them their "required" five daily prayer-times.

Help me out dear reader- 'cause I see something Nasty in Noel here...

I get hired by someone to do a specific job(s) for a specific time and so I know going in to that new job what hours and days I'll be working- say on Sundays.

Only later- AFTER I get hired- I decide I want the Sabbath and other times I deem religious off.

In the America I USED to know and love- I think with that demand I'd be looking for ANOTHER job- but then logic and common sense has been thrown out- baby- bathwater and all....

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