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Monday, October 24, 2011

K.C. Area Transportation Authority May Lose City of Independence as Client

The KCATA- fully known as the "Kansas City Area Transit Authority-" see it's service areas keep shrinking (populous Johnson County long-since dumped them)- we may have to just call it the KCTA soon...

The City of Independence is thinking of going with another company for it's public
transit needs- states this story in the INDEPENDENCE (MO) EXAMINER.

That city's council is considering "First Transit-" a company based in Ohio- to replace the KCATA as it's transit provider.


Superdave said...

So the city idiots think someone from Ohio is going to come to one city and do it cheaper.

Hope the read the fine print of that contract real well.........oh wait it's a city HAHAHA how stupid of me to think they will have the taxpayers best interest at heart.

Groucho K. Marx said...

You can bet too that First Transit is non-union is one good reason they can undercut KCATA.

I think the same idiots rule Independence that control Raytown too.