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Monday, October 24, 2011

Central States NEWS: WalMart's Business Decision Against Portable Heart Defibrillators Costs Kirksville MO Man's Life

An AED is the acronym for a automated external defibrillator- those extremely portable and easy to use devices that can bring a heart attack victim back to life.

The KIRKSVILLE (MO) DAILY EXPRESS reports that in August- a customer at the Kirksville WalMart suffered a heart attack in the store's parking lot.

Bystanders and EMS crews did what they could- but the story alludes to because of the fact that WalMart doesn't keep AEDs in all of their stores for "business reasons-" the heart attack victim died.

The KDE story says a WalMart spokesperson "Ashlie Hardie" told their publication that "We currently have AEDs in some stores, most of which are required by law, and looked at the possibility of using AEDs in more stores,” Hardie wrote, while also declining to disclose the location of any of those stores.

Oregon is a likely spot, as state law requires an AED in any retail outlet larger than 50,000 square feet or with more than 50 visitors per day. “At this time, we’ve determined the best way to manage a medical situation is to alert emergency responders who are trained in providing the appropriate care to those in need...."

Way to take care of your customers WalMart....


Superdave said...

All WalMart wants is all the money in your wallet and your tax dollars to build new stores with.

If you have spent your money and are in the parking lot before having an attack then you are on your own they already got what they wanted.

The Observer said...


Since my church is so large, we have three, one in each building and one in a pack. We also have about 150 people who have come forward to be trained/use their training on the AED to protect those who gather at our little place.

It is the right thing to do.