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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update on Missing Baby Lisa Irwin - October 25 2011

Disregarding the fact virtually EVERY local tv newscast still leads with the story- there have been no tangible new leads or developments in the case of possibly abducted baby Lisa Irwin from her KC-MO Northland home October 4.

As is the case for the 21st day now- there have been no arrests made in this case and baby Lisa has not been found.

And- as this blog HASN'T been doing since this whole thing started- is give publicity to the sideshow clowns who have attached themselves to the parents of Lisa Irwin- if you desire that or any additional non-information- you can login to the tv news Websites- who are covering this story to the point of nausea....


The Observer said...

Sad to say no real updates. It is beginning to creep me out.

I don't give any quarter to publicity hounds either, especially AW. Makes my updates boring.

Anonymous said...

so sad, poor baby she wants to come home!