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Saturday, September 17, 2011

CSW BREAKING: 1-Vehicle Crash in South Overland Park KS Leaves Child Seriously Injured

It was a van whose driver tried to avoid a deer- went off the highway and rolled onto it's top in a ditch- and the call involved emergency services in 4 counties.

The first calls went out around 1:30 a.m. to Linn and Bourbon counties- the crash was "on northbound U.S. 69" but the male driver didn't know exactly where.

At 1:41 a.m.- emergency services in Miami county went searching U.S. 69 in their county until- at 2:21 a.m.- it was determined that the crash was actually in Johnson county- north of 179th Street.

Nearly an hour after the first reports of this crash- MEDACT-EMS reports "a 6-year-old female with facial lacerations" and other- possibly serious injuries.

She was taken to Children's Mercy Hospital in KC-MO by MEDACT after a medical helicopter was cancelled.

Her father- a "34-year-old male-" was taken to Overland Park Regional Medical Center in good condition. 


The Observer said...

I learned the hard way about swerving to avoid something in the road--wrecked a perfectly good car that way.

Deer are sometimes a problem because the bigger ones will wipe out a small car.

Most people don't know what their car will do in an extreme situation and don't know how to react. I have learned by sore experience. It is too bad there isn't an advanced driving course you can take as a regular person that could give some experience with emergency maneuvers in a car.

Thanks for the post. It was a reminder to always be alert when driving.

Groucho K. Marx said...

You're welcome T.O....

People have told me I look like a bobblehead sometimes when I'm driving.