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Friday, August 05, 2011

Government-Controlled Mortgage Company Fannie Mae Asks For Another $2.9-Billion of Taxpayer Money

Recently- our neighbors of 17 years- a single mother and her daughter- were forced from the home she was buying because the woman had been laid-off from her job.

The neighbor told me that Fannie Mae now owned the home into which she had bled 17 years of equity.

This Friday morning- the WICHITA (KS) EAGLE via the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Fannie Mae is now asking for another $2.8-billion to keep the mortgage company afloat.

In related economic notes- as of this posting the Dow Jones continues it's spiral with stocks down more than 200 points.

Oil barrel prices were also down more than $1.80 to less than $85 per barrel.

Yet- as of this posting- America's oil companies are seemingly refusing to drop fuel prices accordingly.  

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