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Friday, August 05, 2011

CSW Commentary: Surprise! K.C. Star Editorial Board Supports Sales Tax Increase For KC-MO Zoo

I've commented at least several times on this blog that the KANSAS CITY STAR has never met a local tax increase it didn't like.

So naturally- The STAR's editorial board of wealthy resident shills approves a proposed 1/8-cent sales tax increase JUST to benefit Kansas City MO's zoo.

Not only that- The STAR also encourages the residents of Cass- Clay and Platte counties to sign petitions to bring the sales tax increase to a November vote.


Do not get me wrong- I love the K.C. Zoo.

But I also love smooth streets- a constant water supply as well as adequate EMS- fire and police services.

Three-eighths cents increase here- a quarter-cent there- special sales tax districts with their hidden higher sale taxes everywhere and soon we're paying 10% or more LOCAL sales taxes.

That's not even taking state and Federal sales taxes into account.

This is a HORRIBLE time to continue to ask citizens for MORE taxes on top of what's already been imposed including higher costs and fees.

CSW supports the Kansas City Zoo- but DOES NOT support an added sales tax for the zoo at this economically-shaky time. 


Superdave said...

The Zoo just needs to tightem up it's belt a litle same as everyone else.

Groucho K. Marx said...


I also wonder how much $$$ will be spent instead of zoo improvements- trying to push ANOTHER sales tax on us?