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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Great Aerial Video View of Hamburg IA Missouri River Levee Break

YouTuber barnesrealty has a great HiDef aerial video of the levee break near Hamburg Iowa on Monday.

The video shows not only the break itself- but the floodwaters rushing across farm fields toward Hamburg- where workers frantically try to protect the town by erecting a secondary dike.

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Anonymous said...

It is tagic that this could have been either pevented or at least lessened if the reservoirs would have been kept at the low levels they were originally designed for and meant to be kept at so they could have received the flood waters as intended. It is a sad and tagic commentary of the world in which we now live where the lives of wildlife are of more value and importance than that of human beings. Our US Senators and Congressmen should be contacted and encouraged to launch a full investigation into the corps of engineers and the EPA and the gross negligence therein.