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Thursday, June 16, 2011

CSW BREAKING; High-Speed Police Chase of Stolen Truck Ends in Crashes- Arrest

Shortly before 11:30 a.m. Thursday morning- KC-MO Police reported a truck that belonged to a glass company from stolen from a location near the KC-MO downtown loop.

Within 10 minutes- police spotted the stolen truck and started following/chasing (without lights & sirens) it getting on southbound U.S. 71-Bruce Watkins Expressway into the Midtown area.

The chase continued south on U.S. 71 into the Southland- Grandview and into Cass county- where units there DID use lights and sirens.

The thief/driver of the stolen truck started "driving crazy" one officer said- and speeds increased to between 80-90 m.p.h..

At 12:04 p.m.- the stolen truck's tires were deflated by police road spikes.

A minute later- the suspect truck along with a police officer's vehicle- an semi-truck- and at least several cars became involved in a "series" of crashes on southbound U.S. 71 just south of Commercial Street (M-291 north).

The suspect then ran a short distance- before being apprehended by Cass county sheriff deputies and Harrisonville officers.

No serious injuries were reported in the crashes- the officer involved reported he was "not injured."

U.S. 71 is/was shut down at the Commercial Street exit in Harrisonville.

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