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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Satan-Like Church Members From Kansas Shutout From Joplin Protest

Joplin residents blocked-out a protest by a Satan-like group yesterday- according to the JOPLIN GLOBE.

It's that church group from a eastern Kansas city (why give these clowns anymore publicity than necessary?) who is more detested by most Americans than any atheistic bunch by a long shot.

The clowns showed-up in Joplin on Monday to protest President Obama's visit and speech given to the 2012 graduating class of Joplin High School/Northpark Mall.

Hundreds of Joplin residents- led by Joplin resident Charlie Brown- blocked the view of the seven protestors' signs and rants from passers-by.

In fact- the counter-protest worked so well that many- including dozens of Kansas City news media in Joplin to cover the first anniversary of the EF-5 tornado- weren't even aware of the Kansas group.

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Anonymous said...

To bad blocking was all they did.