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Monday, May 21, 2012

One Year Later- Two Young Survivors of Joplin Tornado Recover

On May 22- 2011- cousins Mason Lillard and Lage Grigsby sat in their grandparent's pickup truck in the parking lot of Home Depot in Joplin when the EF-5 tornado approached.

Both were injured when the truck was blown more than 300 feet away.

A year later- The JOPLIN GLOBE tells the story of the two kids and how they've fared since the devastating tornado wiped out nearly half of that southwestern Missouri city.

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Anonymous said...

In 1966 I was a young lad of 12 who saw the tornado up close that hit Overland Park in April of that year. Then as well as today many called it the Katherine Carpenter Tornado. I saw the tornado from the west side and it was as white as snow. I saw the destruction of this tornado up close and personal and the damage it did. Not a large tornado by most standards but destructive and scary all the same.

For days after that I had nightmares at night of tornados coming to get us. Then that same year in the evening of a hot muggy June day Topeka was hit hard by a very large tornado. Again the nightmares started and was fueled by some of the pictures from TV and newspapers.

But what I saw and felt was nothing compared to the horror and pain these two young people went through that late Sunday afternoon one year ago tomorrow.

I so hope they recover fully and that some how they find peace with themselves in dealing with this all and have wonderful happy lives for many many decades to come.