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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kansas City Businessmen Need to Pay Back Taxpayer-Subsidized "Interest-Free" Loan

Kansas City transportation company mogul Bill George- along with his associate Bill Nigro- really needs to pay back cash-strapped Kansas City MO coffers...

The KANSAS CITY STAR reported the other day that the City of Kansas City floated an "interest-free" $200000 loan "in October 2009" to these two gentlemen to start a trolley service that transports weekend partiers from bar to bar for a price.

The STAR reports that in addition to that money- millionaire George has received "$220000 in various tourism grants (more KC-MO taxpayer dollars)" since 2009- for an at least grand total of $440000. 

The KC STAR story says payments on that loan are in arrears- and that ridership estimates made when the trolley service was first proposed were twice than what is actually occurring.

Mr. George- since you run the local Yellow Cab franchise along with other transportation entities and your personal net worth is AT LEAST a million bucks- can't you help out cash-strapped Kansas City MO coffers and pay back that "interest free" loan NOW?

It'll give the city clowncil a little bit of money to buy more parkland (drag strips) at least....

1 comment:

Super Dave said...

Ohhhh don't even get me started on this affair.

Two biggest whinners and moaners in KC over not being treated fair and they are trying to stiff the city. I saw some other figures that show they have had the money to payback.

Oh well how the game is played bet you can't take a cab and put off paying for it interest free for over 3 years nope very sure ole Bill wouldn't allow that.