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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Update on Missing Baby Lisa Irwin- October 20 2011

Rather than lead off every day with a post about no new tangible leads or developments in the case of Lisa Irwin- the 10-month-old taken from her bed in a KC-MO Northland home back on October 3rd (she's 17 days gone as of today)- here is an every 2-3 days or so update:

1) There are NO new reported leads in this case...

2) There have been NO arrests regarding this case and

3) Baby Lisa Irwin has NOT been located.

A number of people- like myself- are now wondering aloud at what point that the local TV news stations quit leading off EVERY newscast with this story considering there is no new information (just new players) regarding this case.

One month? Two months? Next year?

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