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Thursday, October 20, 2011

CSW Commentary: Kansas City Catholic Bishop Finn MUST Step Down

Recently- CSW reported the indictment of the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese and it's leader Bishop Robert Finn on a cover-up of child abuse and pornography by one of the diocese's priests.

You would think that- at the very least- Bishop Finn would take a leave of absence from his Holy position while this very serious criminal matter is resolved.

You would also think- at the very least- there would be SOME sort of statement from the Vatican on this matter.

Instead- there has been no action from anyone associated with the Catholic church regarding these serious charges.

These people represent God on this Earth and for ALL of those connected to remain quiet on this very- very serious matter is an absolute abomination.

This is not a sin like theft of money or absconding material objects but a crime against another Human Being- MINOR Human Beings at that.

A person of the clergy SHOULD be held to a higher standard since they are in a position of responsibility- like a thieving cop- and arsonist firefighter or a corrupt politician.

It sends a message to the masses that crimes committed by those in high positions of power and/or responsibility somehow rate special treatment of their alleged crimes- rather than swift and sure criminal justice.

This tends to make ordinary citizens that would SURELY be incarcerated for such acts more cynical of the very laws that are on the books to allegedly protect us- and makes us look at the justice system as some sort of privileged joke.

I am not a Catholic- but I would totally support those of that faith who re-examine their support of a church who simply seems to act above the laws of decency- respect and of America.


The Observer said...

I am not Roman Catholic either. I do not understand how the RC Church can keep putting its head in the sand. I can say with reasonable certainty that no United Methodist bishop or Church of the Nazarene district superintendent (similar ecclesiastic positions in denominations I have been a part of) would be allowed to carry on his duties-- that he would step down, be fired or at least suspended by the leadership of the general church. Is there something about the RC mindset that allows this nonsense to continue? Unbelievable. RC members not cowed by "the only church" claims who desire to practice the Christian faith in community may start looking around at Protestant congregations to join.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Notice that I've been very quiet regarding any opinion on this subject...until now.

Totally agree and also respect your opinion on this matter T.O..

Hoepfully- those in authority in the RC Church will weigh in- but somehow I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

They should all be held accountable for any illegal activity of any kind. The Vatican as well should be acting on this quickly and harshly.

Sorry The Observer but the Methodist Church (MC) as well will and has stuck their heads in the sand and choose to ignore issues in their own group. Yes sir they will do just that. It took several years and tons of evidence before the MC leaders would do something with a bad minister. And you want to know what they did? Well I will tell you what; they moved the man to another church within the state. Now guess the shocker here my friend?? Yup he went and did the same thing again where he was moved to and this time at last they did something about it. This man should have been run out of the field of religion in the position as a leader and teacher of faith. I hate to think how many marriages this man ruined before being removed and children who were tarnished from his greedy and falsifying actions.

No it’s time the members and employees of all faith in all offices even the Pope as well be lined up in a court of law and charged as need for any crimes committed on another person.