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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Man's Cash Arrested in Geary County KS Traffic Stop

It's a late October Wednesday morning- clear skies- dry roads.

You're driving from Columbia MO to Colorado- and your carrying nearly 180000 dollars in cash in a duffel bag.

Real estate deal?   Equipment purchase?   Drug deal?

No matter- if you're doing nothing illegal.


Driving through a construction zone on I-70 in Geary county KS- a county mountie catches you going too fast.

He runs your plates- pulls you over- cautiously approaching you from left behind and asks for your license- all in current law enforcement tactics pretty much nationwide.

After your license clears no warrants outstanding- Mr. Deputy is suspicious- wants to search your vehicle.

He finds the cash in the duffel bag and a drug-sniffing dog is brought in.

No drugs or anything else illegal is found- as you may or may not be trying to convince the cop that the money is not stolen nor are you doing anything unlawful a) carrying it and/or b) with it.

The Geary County KS Sheriff's Department takes your cash- guilt by suspicion of the money being used for an unproven future drug deal.

The money is yours again- only by your costly legal actions proving your innocence.

The cash-bust actually happened (not the first time in this UCSA)- according to a story on

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yup one can't do anything anymore.

Before long taking a breath will get you arrested I mean one does have to take a deep breath just before you go rob a bank or make the drug deal of the year.