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Monday, October 17, 2011

CSW Weather: Some Rain Today- First Frost/Freeze Possible Mid-Week

Doppler weather radar returns are beginning to show some very light precipitation echoes in Metro Kansas City...

A larger area of light rain can be found in northern portions of the MetroRegion- in northwest and northern Missouri with general west to east movement of all cells.

Precipitation should continue to slowly grow in areal coverage and intensity through this October Monday.

The much-needed moisture is in response to a storm system making it's way through the Central states this morning.

A cold front will bring the coldest temperatures so far this autumn to the Central States and into Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City.

By Wednesday morning- frost-producing and or freezing temperatures in the 30's will cover our area- with a 2nd morning of growing-season-ending weather likely Thursday morning.

Time to bring in the outdoor potted plants and the brass monkeys...

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