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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Central States NEWS: Nebraska Politicians Pretty Much Ignore Citizens' Concerns Over Canadian Oil Pipeline

Nebraska's most-powerful state politician is against any special session of that state's Legislature to attempt to relocate a proposed oil pipeline through that Central state.

TransCanada (TC) wants to build an oil pipeline from it's Alberta oil-sands to the Gulf of Mexico- passing through the American Central States- and Nebraska Republicrat Speaker of The (NE) House Mike Flood is against a special legislative session to order TC to change their proposed (done-deal) pipeline route- according to this story from The LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL-STAR.

Many in Nebraska are against the route that pipeline would take- above and near the Ogallala Aquafier- an underground source of irrigation water for Nebraska's vast farmlands.

However- politicians and labor union officials tout the money the new pipeline would bring (them) the state (mainly in campaign contributions from TC and out-of-state laborers for the construction jobs).

 Landowners along the proposed route can take the money TransCanada offers- or have the pipelines' easement ("eminent domain") taken by the American government.

Stay tuned....

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