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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"Remembering 9-11" Is More American News Media Overkill

Almost daily for the past month or 120- the American news media keeps bringing up the terrorists attacks on NYC and the Pentagon back on September 11- 2001.

Although there is extensive real news to cover every day that the American news media doesn't- we're continually assailed by the video and images from that day.

Never mind the terrorists DID score a victory of sorts- bother to read PATRIOT ACTS (idiotic name- a misnomer) I and II to find out just what we lost and try to take an airplane flight without being groped by strangers or experiencing a (almost) proctology exam.

Don't get me wrong- I feel strongly for all the people who lost loved ones that day- but I'm sure they and FOR sure I don't want to reminded of an avoidable (if government people had been doing their jobs correctly) tragedy at virtually every turn of the TV channel.

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Anonymous said...

Hear hear! I'm so sick of this day being exploited for political gain and to keep everyone in fear, not to mention the country's weirdly prideful obsession in wallowing in self-pity: "Oh no, look what happened to US! The worst disaster in the world EVAR because it happened to US! Woe is US! Yes, we're such victims, but yet we so kick everyone's ass!" Jingoism and victimhood all rolled up into one effed up mix. Don't even get me started on the big flashy televised memorials at the NFL games. And this is a kind of victory for the perpetrators, too--They hurt us so much we can't stop talking about it. Why keep giving them the satisfaction? More important to remind the sheep to keep them in line, I guess, and to make sure we can have perpetual enemies to make war on for the benefit of our globalized corporations.

Honestly, I wish we could just grow up and handle 9/11 with dignity already. Let people just remember and reflect quietly in their own way. I'm sure the families of the victims would appreciate it, too. The loss was hard enough on them as it is.

But, I'm sure I would be labeled unAmerican, at best, or have the crap beat out of me, at worst, if I dared express that openly in public.

word verification: pricspi appropriate to increased groping by HSA. If you see what I mean...