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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Eastern US Flooding Worst Since 1972

Flooding- caused by continuing rains spawned by dying Tropical Storm Lee- has prompted the evacuation orders for hundreds of thousands of residents in New York and Pennsylvania.

The entire downtown area of Binghamton NY was ordered evacuated later Wednesday as the Susquehanna River is poised to equal- or even exceed flood stages recorded during the historic floods caused by Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

As of late morning Thursday- floodwater from the Susquehanna was beginning to flow over that city's flood wall (see image).

In Wilkes-Barre PA- the same areas affected by the Agnes-caused 1972 flood has been ordered to evacuate again- according to the WILKES-BARRE (PA) TIMES-LEADER.


Anonymous said...

My neighborhood - the First Ward - is right near that flood wall. I knew that the walls were breached in the downtown area, but I didn't know until I saw this picture on your site that the wall protecting my neighborhood was also breached. It had started rising beforehand when the creek running in pipes underground started flowing backward and bubbling up through the drainage system, basement walls and even through cracks in the sidewalk. Thanks for posting this picture - wherever did you find it?

Groucho K. Marx said...

Not exactly sure where I got this- it well may have been the linked online news article.

But you're more than welcome- hope your flood recovery is complete- you're welcome and thanks for reading!