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Friday, September 09, 2011

Central States NEWS: Tulsa OK's "Privatized" Zoo

Unlike Kansas City MO- the City of Tulsa got out of the zoo business.

More accurately- the city turned their zoo's operation over to a corporation formed by Tulsa's "Friends of The Zoo-" according to the story in the TULSA (OK) WORLD.

The zoo's corporation- called "Tulsa Zoo Management Inc.-" still takes in around $3.6-million from the city for "management fees-" but the remaining revenue comes from "admission, zoo membership fees, food, retail and general donations" according to the TW article.

The zoo is doing so well these days that 26 jobs- some left unfilled from the days of the zoo's city operation- are now being filled.

Here's a great example for  KC-MO- quit piling it on us poor folks in the form of an increased sales tax for the zoo and privatize it.

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