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Monday, June 27, 2011

Missouri River Flood of 2011- MetroRegion Storm-Rain Update - Upper Missouri Reservoir Readings for June 27

Strong to severe thunderstorms raked a good part of Nebraska- Iowa and the northern halves of Kansas and Missouri into early this Monday morning- dropping radar-indicated rains of up to 6-inches in spots.

The image shown here is the Kansas City/Pleasant Hill NWS Doppler radar storm-total precipitation that fell in the period from just before midnight Saturday morning to this morning.

The white-colored areas shown- in northern DeKalb county MO- indicate that up to 11-inches fell over that time period (likely some of that as hail). 

There SHOULD be an at least 2 day break from any storm activity in the Kansas City Metro and MetroRegion.

The following are the latest reservoir readings on the upper Missouri River- taken on Monday morning- June 27.

The key to the project parameters listed can be found on this previous CSW post on daily USACE project readings.

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