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Sunday, June 26, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Severe Storm- Excessive Rain Risk For Northern Kansas City MetroRegion- Central States

Saturday evening- flooded Minot North Dakota suffered added insult to injury when a Tornado Warning was issued.

The warning wasn't an "official" National Weather Service (NWS) warning (it was issued by the Minot police as a severe thunderstorm moved in) and thankfully- no tornado touched down in Minot.

That may not be the case several hundred miles southeast later today.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) says there is a "moderate" risk of severe thunderstorms- with all modes of severe weather including tornadoes- from southeastern South Dakota- eastern Nebraska and western Iowa- into northwestern Missouri and extreme northeastern Kansas.

This moderate risk area includes St. Joseph in the MetroRegion- and cities such as Omaha and Lincoln NE as well as Sioux City IA and Sioux Falls SD.

In addition to the risk of severe thunderstorms- there is also the risk of excessive rainfall along the length of the flooded Missouri River basin from SD to MO- according to the NWS' Hydrology Prediction Center (HPC) .

Thus far- the only severe storm watch in effect is in northern NE- but that will change as the afternoon progresses.

PLEASE monitor the latest weather information for you and your family's safety!

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