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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Captain to Lawrence KS Businessmen: Use Your OWN Money On Masonic Temple Renovation

In 2011- it seems that corporate and real estate interests refuse to drive a nail unless they get some sort of taxpayer-provided welfare.

Case in point too from the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD: A group of businesspeople/developers/speculators want to do something with Lawrence's empty Masonic Temple- but their business plan is apparently too shaky to invest all their OWN monies.

The group wants certain taxpayer-provided "incentives" to carry through on the plan.

Nancy Reagan told potential drug-users back in the 1980's to "just say no."

Politicians who appear to be in the wealthy people's pocket REALLY need to learn to say no as well and/or Americans need to smarten-up and quit putting the monied folks' puppets (Republicrats-Demublicans) in office!

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Anonymous said...

Gee I am tired of my backyard wonder if I could get some taxpayer welfare to put in a pool and redo all the landscaping?