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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Walmart Fires 4 in Utah Over Armed Shoplifter- Another For Being Gallant

Since The Glenn Stevens Saga- I haven't stepped foot in a Walmart or Sam's Club store for more than 3 months- and here's another story that makes me feel better and better about that decision...

Via a Web site called "The Consumerist-" 4 Utah Walmart employees were fired because one of them knocked a gun from a detained shoplifter.

According to Salt Lake City's DESERET NEWS- the incident happened January 13- 2011 at a Walmart store in suburban Layton Utah- I'll let YOU read the DESERET's story on the incident.

Even though only one employee actually took on the armed gunman- all 4 employees in proximity of the incident were fired- with WallyWorld's corporate minions citing Walmart's insidous Rule "AP09."

( I guess the other 3 should have tackled the employee who was disarming the gunman!)

 These weren't the only people let go in Utah Walmart store violence in January. 

That very DESERET story tells of ANOTHER incident- this in a Cedar Hills Walmart store on November's "Black Friday."

"James Dallin, an assistant manager with 10 years of experience ... was fired Jan. 4 after separating a worker from an angry husband...." 

Here's what The DESERET story says about that incident:

"Dallin said Thursday he was violently shoved from behind. Then, he said the husband went after his wife — Dallin's co-worker.

"Flung her, right away, verbally started abusing her," Dallin said.

The man grabbed the woman hard by the arm and berated her as he escorted her down an aisle. Minutes later, the man still had a firm grip on his co-worker's arm and was continuing to verbally abuse her when Dallin said he pushed the man into a shelf and told him to leave, then escorted him out of the store.

The man complained, and six weeks later, Dallin was fired for violating Walmart's policy on "workplace violence.""

I know there are some readers here who will totally rationalize Walmart's actions in these and other incidents- citing Walmarts Rule AP09.

That's fine- there is no need for you to comment here regarding this or any other Rule AP09 story.

But here's what you CAN do: Next time you are shopping at the MegaConglomerate- thank THEM for your being able to shop at  and support Walmart- largest seller of Chinese goods in America- and pray to GOD you're not accosted by a thug at one of their stores. 
You MIGHT hope that one of Walmart's employees at least calls the police for you. 


Anonymous said...

First I would like to point out I hate violence of any kind.

I would like to be in the Wal-Mart store the day one of the corporate minions for whatever reason is attacked by whom ever for reasons we may never know so I can watch the minions face as reality sets in that due to AP09 nobody is going to help them as they get the stuffing knocked out of them. And I hope that whatever employees are there turn their backs and walk away.

Then let’s see how long AP09 survives.

Groucho K. Marx said...


Id file that under "Things We'd Like To See."