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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tellling It Like It Is: "Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail?"

For almost 5 years I have tried- through this blog- to wake up my fellow Americans to the utter illogical and criminal shenanigans going on from the local to national levels.

While I try to say it my way- there are others who can tell these stories much better than I.

Take a few minutes when you can and log into this 'must-read' story that's in an upcoming issue of ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE titled "Why Isn't Wall Street In Jail?"

Then- try to have a nice day anyway.... 



Anonymous said...

Financial crooks run the country and have for many years. As I have said many, many times the people of this country no longer have any balls to do anything. They just sit back and vote idiots in to office who could care less what the people want. Politicians are there in office only for themselves and to do as the big corporations that got them into office say to do. Big business such as the insurance companies and oil companies dictate how and what will be done in this country.

The term “For The People By The People” is no longer not even worth the paper it is written on. And yet people can sit back and whine and cry about it and the few of us who try and do something are told hey that’s a good idea but when you look for backers on it the masses have all crawled back under their rocks or stuck their heads into the sand once again.

America needs solid leadership and people in Congress who are more worried about “We The People” rather than where their next cocktail party is or photo opportunity.

We are giving our country away and “You!” yes “You!” my neighbors are allowing it to happen.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Last national election superdave- I was either extremely stupid or hopelessly niave (or both) to think that maybe- JUST maybe- 3rd-party candidates would get AT LEAST high single-digit if not low double-digit percentages of the vote.

I actually THOUGHT that the people were tired of those 2 interchangable Republicrats and Demublicans.


I SHOULD have remembered what P.T. Barnum once said about the American public...