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Thursday, February 17, 2011

MetroRegion K.C. News: Emporia KS Commissioners Go Doggedly Forth on Stone Entrance Monoliths

It has been an interesting and enlightening discussion that has carried on for about the past month in Emporia- regarding a plan by that city's politicians to buy and install 4 large stone monoliths ("monuments") at entrances to that Lyon county town.

Today the EMPORIA (KS) GAZETTE reports that regardless of the probably 80% public opposition to the expenditure- the city commissioners were going ahead with the rather curious project.

The ONLY change regarding the plan was how the commission was going to pay for the monoliths- which amounts to instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul- they'll take from Paul to pay Peter

Of the dozens of times I've passed but never stopped in Emporia but next time in that area I may actually stop...

At the city limits of the city to photograph the monsterous and unneccesary boondogles for photo morgue examples of Politicians Gone Wild with taxpayer-provided funds.

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Anonymous said...

Ok I read what the Emporia Gazette had to say about it all and I see statement after statement about how this is for all the guests who come to Emporia. For one I have been to Emporia many times had friends who went to school there as well as their kids attending college there. I as a rule make a pit stop there to eat top off the gas or what not just look around a bit but not sure I will do so anymore. I find offence to governing bodies who say it’s all about bringing guests and visitors to our town as an excuse to do something stupid. Well as a rule small towns out in rural Kansas not falling all over themselves to have outsiders or also known as guests and visitors from invading their towns in the first place.

Now the City Commissioners of Emporia want you to come and see their little town. They want you so bad they are even erecting chucks of rock outside of town to let you know where you are in case you’re stupid and didn’t have a clue where you were in the first place. Now this is the part I like. While you are there they want to tax you as well for stopping in to say hi. And as well say look you are paying for those hunks of rock we erected outside of town that tells you where you are with our transient guest tax. Have a nice day! You all come back and see us now! Ya hear.