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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Emporia KS Stone Monoliths: Part 2

Last Friday- CSW reported a story that appeared in the EMPORIA (KS) GAZETTE regarding the approval of some large- stone city limit monuments that were approved by that city's commissioners for a price tag of more than $100000.

None of those "monoliths" were to be placed near where the majority of traffic (I-35/The Kansas Turnpike) approaches the east-central Kansas city- and a VAST majority of the participants of a GAZETTE online poll as well as commenters on the story's page were against the expenditure of taxpayer funds.

In an incredible act of what reeks as political suicide- a second GAZETTE story about the monuments relays the politico's feelings about their constituents' rejection of those monuments- telling how those city officials were going ahead with the plans in defiance of those taxpaying naysayers.

It's no wonder many Americans are completely fed up with politicians!


Anonymous said...

It's no wonder many Americans are completely fed up with politicians.

They maybe fed up but will turn around and vote the same ones back in or one's just as dumb,uncaring, and not in touch with what is really needed.

Groucho K. Marx said...

That is- if they vote AT ALL!

Oh SD- make sure you vote on the latest CSW poll regarding Sarah Palin- you'll LOVE the choices...