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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Did YOU Miss Church Today? Englewood Ministries LIVE on The Internet

Ms. Rittenhouse loves 'em and they are a fine bunch doing a lot of good for the community...

The Englewood Ministries are located on the western edge of Independence MO's Englewood District at 10628 East Winner Road.

All of any faiths are welcome- and if you're home-bound or time or the weather has you tied up- catch Englewood's services on the Internet via USTREAM by clicking HERE.

Bless them and bless YOU for reading Capt. Spaulding's World too!


1 comment:

the observer said...

Sweet isn't it?

My church, the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection also streams services online at 1045 and 1700 on Sundays.

Access via or directly at

This is definitely a future trend!

The Observer