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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Political Stupidity 101: Non Drug-Tested Missouri Politicians Would Drug-Test Welfare Recipients

There's a poll down the right column of this blog that asks what's never (to my knowledge) been done in America:

Should Politicians Take Drug Tests?

The following is another reason WHY this should be done:

In the latest proposal by some political whackos in the Missouri House of Representatives- a new law would impose drug testing on the state's welfare recipients.

According to the wording of the story in The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR: "Tests would be given to people whom state officials reasonably believe have used drugs."


1. Who would these "state officials" be?  Are those officials themselves drug-tested?

2. What does "reasonably" mean?  and most importantly...

3. WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PAY FOR ALL THIS DRUG-TESTING when the State of Missouri is already hundreds of millions of dollars in a fiscal hole?

Like Kansas pollys and their irresponsible spending would penalize state employees with pay cuts to balance the budgets they couldn't- Missouri pollys who themselves don't have to take ANY pre-office drug tests would saddle the state's taxpayers with more costs and bureaucracy.

Maybe then the FEDERAL government should drug-test bankers- investment-house and corporate heads before giving THEM welfare (bailouts) as well as the leaders of countries we send money to. 

Better yet- each and EVERY American politician should take pre and regular in-office drug and sobriety tests- that MIGHT explain some of the idiotic decisions/laws/policies they come up with.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I agree on random mandatory drug testing for all government employees, welfare recipients, and politicians.

Pay for it with the money you would save on denying welfare on a positive test and I am sure initially there would be TONS of positives.