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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Central States News: Arkansas Lawmaker Chased by Police Gets Off With Slap on Hand

More correctly- a "misdemeanor."

Arkansas Senate Republicrat "Bruce Holland" representing "Greenwood" Arkansas was (later) cited when- on Monday afternoon- Holland "was accused of fleeing an officer, driving in excess of 100 mph and improperly passing other cars-" according to this story in the FORT SMITH (AR) TIMES-HERALD.

In Arkansas (as in much of America)- it seems the ruling class is immune to some laws as the TIMES-HERALD story states "(a) provision in the Arkansas Constitution exempts lawmakers from some arrests during legislative sessions" and the officer who chased Holland "thought the lawmaker was exempt from arrest because of (the) provision in the state constitution and let him go without issuing a citation."

Holland reportedly "later told reporters he would be willing to pay a fine if he was cited" for what most of us would be thrown in jail and our licenses revoked for.

No report either if Holland was subject to a drug or sobriety test either- but hey- he's in the ruling class and above the law.

1 comment:

Superdave said...

Well yes would you expect anything less? Look just be a movie star and you stay out of jail or go for a few hours or are allowed to buy your way out.
The elite run the country and the rest of us take it you know where.
Equal justice in our courts is a joke. He who knows the most people or has the most money writes their own court rules.
Yes I agree many people in goverment, president as well should be drug or alcohol tested on a regular bases and the boot if failed. Be an known up front fact and no if and buts about it. Nobody is above the law and if one is then we all are. No exempts at all.