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Thursday, January 27, 2011

CSW Commentary: Two Reasons Why The Kansas City MO Earnings Tax Will Continue

On April 5, 2011- Kansas Citians will go to the polls to (re) elect corporate-welfare-friendly politicians and continue the Earnings Tax.

"What?" you say about the Earnings Tax?

Two reasons:

1) The corporate interests- many of whom already get some sort of tax abatements (corporate welfare)- are getting together now with their big-money funding to convince (scare) KC-MO voters that- if the Earnings Tax fails- the city will be plunged into the Dark Ages and property and every other kind of tax or fee you can think of will be increased.

The elderly don't pay an Earnings Tax on their pensions or Social Security- but those who own homes WILL pay those property and other tax increases that city leaders threaten us with.

That leads us to...

2) Mostly- it's the elderly who even bother to vote in elections of any kind.

The younger citizens of voting age mostly blow-off elections (except MAYBE presidential ones) where their (financial) futures are concerned.

That's what's going to happen on April 5th.

The elderly and the scared will vote FOR continuation of that 1% Earnings Tax- and the majority of those younger voters- like in most elections- will stay home- and THAT will assure our corporate-friendly politicians a continuation of that taxpayer-provided slush fund to continue to mis-spend.

Have a nice hissy-fit!

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